A fundamental element

Because the Bandini Company was the first company in the world to produce and trade in filler for bodywork and mastic marble, places great importance on is image as a leader in the field. A fundamental aspect of this is therefore the quality of its products, which are recognised and appreciated everywhere.

Accurate selection of materials, rigorous control carried out by highly-trained personal using the appropriate scientific equipment, during all phrases of production, are a guarantee of constant quality.

Furthermore, the Bandini Company, out of concern for the health of the consumer, has always prohibited the inclusion of particular toxic solvent in their formulas. Such solvent are generally used to reduce costs.

The products of the Bandini Company are also manufactured with a vacuum installation which eliminates the air from the mixture guarantying better quality and ensuring an exact quantity of the products. Finally, all Bandoini Company products, thanks to the protection of the international Copyright, are guaranteed without time limit providing they are stored at room temperature.

Our distribution network

From Italy to the world

The products of the Bandini Company are distributed throughout Italy and are exported in all parts of the world where the industries, which these products serve, represent a substantial proportion of the commercial market.